CDJ420 Series Joysticks

This joystick can be supplied with a battery rail voltage anywhere from 8-30 V dc. The device conditions the voltage and supplies the appropriate voltage levels to both ends of the joystick pot taps, as well as the centre tap. The output from the joystick is 4-20mA. The joystick can be configured to give either 4 mA or 12 mA as the centre current. Directional switches are also provided if a discrete signal for displacement is required.

  • Ruggedised mechanical design
  • Industry standard 4-20mA output
  • Optional outputs available (0-100mA)
  • Large range of Ergonomic grips
  • Custom Switch layouts
  • Optional dual output redundancy
  • Optional MOSFET isolated directional switches
  • Internal power regulation
  • Transient Over-voltage Protection

Control Devices manufactures a range of analog output options including 4-19mA, 0-20mA, 0-5VDC, 0-10VDC, +/-5VDC & +/-10VDC



Directional switches are supplied as standard but are limited to 2mA (logic level.) The joystick can be fitted with MOSFets to provide higher current switching upon request.

Control Devices offers a wide range of handle options, please contact us to discuss your requirements

If you have a joystick with a CDJ-GEN number, contact us for more information